Derrek Chow

I'm a software developer, organizer at Hack the North, and Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo.

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Full Stack Developer Intern  Tulip Retail  
PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Framework7, HTML/CSS

Fellow  Myplanet  
JavaScript, MySQL

Software Developer Intern  Viceroy Media Inc.  
JavaScript, HTML/CSS

Hackathons  HackWestern IV  🏆
AI version of the game Hungry Hungry Hippos
Python, WebSockets, Flask, OpenCV

Hack the Fridge  Hack the North  
Fridge that that creates recipes based on the food placed inside it
Python, Node, Express, IBM Watson API, Swift, AWS

Point 2 Speech  MasseyHacks III  🏆
Assitive device that speak out loud text on a page when pointed to in real time
Python, Node, Tesseract.js, LeapJS

Pinch Perfect  Hack Western III  
Digital musical instrument that is played using the movement of the user's hands
PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, LeapJS, HTML/CSS

Website for the 2018 TEDxUW conference
React, Javascript, HTML/SCSS

Self-aiming cannon  
Spring-loaded mini cannon, tracks and fires at target using facial recognition
Python, Go, Skybiometry API

wikiNotes  🏆
Platform for student uploaded study notes, TU20 Cup 3rd place
JavaScript, Material Design Lite, HTML/CSS

Ridge Clubs  
Website for the clubs at Iroquois Ridge High School
JavaScript, Material Design Lite, HTML/CSS

Ridge Hacks  
Website for Ridge Hacks hackathon, founder and director
JavaScript, HTML/CSS